Connor B. Milner


“I am inspired by companies whose sole goal is to ignite change”

Connor is passionate about the next generation of entrepreneurs and the growth potential of the internet economy. He has been investing in fintech startups and early crypto projects since 2014; this is where he built his passion for venture capital. Leveraging his knowledge and relationships, he began supporting several early-stage startups and building an international network.

Connor has a business background starting in the City of London, working in sales in the investment industry for proprietary trading firms and brokerages. The City’s fast pace and cutthroat environment were the perfect testing ground for learning how the game is played. Connor prides himself on having expertise around business development, financial markets, derivatives, sales, networking, strategy, and people.

When Connor is not investing in companies he enjoys high-stakes poker, sports, travelling, gaming, music and history. Connor is based in London, UK.