Tomahawk and our Investments

Tomahawk.VC in less than 90 seconds
What companies do we invest in?
Geography: Where do we invest?
What does 'global-first' mean and entail?
Will I have to have remote employees for you to invest?
What companies have we invested in in the past?
What is Tomahawk.VC's value add?
How much does Tomahawk.VC invest?
What are the
Startup Jam Sessions
What companies do you have in your portfolio?

Our Process

What's important to us?
Why do we use video applications?
How should you prepare for your first call with us?
Can I do reference calls with some of the founders you already work with?
Who on our team will you work with?
Why will we not sign your NDA?

VC in General

When do we cash out?
How does a VC make money?

Startup Success

What are the top three reasons for failure?
How to make meetings more efficient and fun?
How much should you raise?
How do you calculate the valuation for your startup?
When should you bootstrap vs fundraise?
How should you choose your investor (and avoid scams)?

Remote Work

How to build trust in a remote team?
Why will remote companies be more successful?
How to approach feedback in a remote team?
How do you build connection in a remote team?

What does Tomahawk.VC invest in?